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Stephane BUREAU

   I started photography in the late seventies when I was in Paris-France and became interested in photo journalism with the influence of photographers like Abbas, Depardon and HCB. As  Independent Chess Photographer  I received accreditations from several chess magazines around the World with regular publications in Western Europe and United States. I contributed to Sipa-Press Photo Agency as regional Sipa Press correspondant photographer for a couple of years. But later on, as Doctor in Geology from the University of Paris-France, my geological background drove me back to the wilderness.

I have been focusing to landscape and nature photography for 15 years now, starting with a Large Format field camera 5x7” Linhof Technica and moving to digital photography these days with a Nikon D800E. I am located in the French Alps, near Grenoble-France. I have been contributing to several photo-clubs, delivering trainings and conducting field workshops to share photography experience for 30 years.

Thanks to my professional activity, I have the chance to travel all around the World, visiting different places and  discovering local cultures. In those occasions, I enjoy spontaneously reacting to a given place with my camera. But what I like most is to go out for a specific location, set up the tripod and hope for the magic to happen : landscape photography is all about light and patience. I spend time on early mornings or late evenings to track the best possible frames associated with special weather conditions. Since my first winter trip to Iceland in 2014, I am  engaged on Northern Lights Photography (Aurora Borealis) with trips in Norway. And finally, I started Aerial Photography in 2017 with a DJI Mavic Pro.

For more information or contact you can reach me at sbuproductions@gmail.com

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